Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics

Since January 1, 1996, vehicles were required to have On-Board Diagnostics or OBD. It means, vehicle have been manufactured to self-diagnose and have the capability to report. This technology allows the vehicles to alert the drivers via malfunction indicator lights on the dashboard but won’t have the capacity to exactly tell you what the real problem is. This is where digital communication ports come in handy with the standard diagnostic trouble codes or DTC. With this built-in diagnostic technology on vehicles, a computerized tool is required when diagnosing & troubleshooting.

Falcon is equipped with advanced computer diagnostic tools, programming tools & repair equipment for Multibrand vehicles.




1. Engine light is on or MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp)
2. You’re experiencing misfiring or in layman’s term vibration while accelerating
3. The gear is not shifting or there’s some delay or jerking
4. Traction light is on in the cluster
5. The pick up of your vehicle has slowed down
6. ABS light is on
7. Restraints light is on
8. ABS light is on
9. Battery malfunction light is on
10. Tyre pressure light is on
11. Brake pad light is on
12. Temperature light is on
And more…


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