Collision repair and painting

Collision Repair & Painting

Falcon’s garage technicians are aware of the latest repair techniques and innovations in Collision repair and painting. our specialists receive training in car body repair and painting regularly.

We can help you 

Basic Painting 

We apply single-stage enamel paint to refresh your vehicle’s appearance.
Our Basic Service offers a one-year warranty and gives your car an attractive gloss and accurate colour match.

Preferred Paint

Looking for greater durability, but need to stay at an affordable price?
Our Preferred Service is your best bet and comes with a three-year warranty. This single-stage application uses urethane, which resists chipping and is much more resilient than enamel finishes.

Premium Paint

When it comes to the best look and performance, there is no topping our two-stage Premium Service.
Complete with a five-year warranty, this service offers the highest level of durability, best possible glossy finish and superb color match that you will want to show off for years.

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